Thriving on Etsy Series: Episode 02 The Reality of Selling on Etsy with Lis Bokt

Episode #4

Hello, Loves! Welcome to episode 2 of the Thriving on Etsy Series. Today I have Lis Bokt joining me to talk to you about the Reality of Selling on Etsy. 

Lis is the owner of Shop Intaglio, a printing, and engraving company.  She is a 6 figure maker selling on Etsy, Amazon, and her own website. She started selling on Etsy when Etsy first opened so she is a master OG! 

Lis also has a background in astrophysics, which is a lot of sifting through big numbers and big data to figure out what makes sense and what does not. So when it comes to Etsy and all its big changes my go-to person is Lis because she always provides a logically sound explanation for the changes Etsy makes. 

During this episode, Lis and I talk about the challenges makers face and the struggles Etsy sellers experience using the platform.

Topics covered in this episode include...

  • Star Seller Badge
  • Suppressing Thriving Shops in Search
  • Seasonal Sales on Etsy and a Drop in Sales 
  • Slow Selling Months
  • Tracking Numbers and Setting Goals
  • Etsy Changes (The Bigger Picture) 
  • Etsy Fees
  • Free Shipping
  • Etsy Ads
  • Etsy Off-site Ads
  • Negative Reviews
  • Etsy Scammers
  • Shipping Issues
  • Shops Getting Shut Down 
  • Breaking Etsy's Terms of Service
  • Resellers and Copyright Infringement
  • Stalking your Competition  
  • Etsy's Best Interest

Lis takes the time to explain the bigger picture when it comes to Etsy's continued challenges.  Before you freak out about the next change Etsy makes, check out this episode! 

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