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Attract More Paying Customers with Better Product Photos in 14 Days or Less with the Product Photography Essentials Workshop for Makers


Hey, Maker!

√   You create a product that is in demand

√   You have perfected your SEO 

√   You show up on social 

but all you hear is crickets… 

It doesn't matter if shoppers search for what you are selling and you show up on page one, if you can’t grab their attention with a high-quality product photo, that sets you apart, they will scroll right past.


  • get overlooked in search because your photos aren’t professional 
  • avoid listing new products because you dread taking product photos
  • waste money on equipment that doesn’t get you better results
  • have dark shadows and uneven light that is a funny color
  • spend too much time editing 
  • search for help and you're just left feeling confused and overwhelmed

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have the exact information you need to get consistent, high-quality results every time you shoot, allowing you to attract more customers and make more sales for your handmade shop.


  • feel confident taking your own product photos 
  • get consistent and professional results every time you take photos
  • have more time to create products and grow your business
  • are featured by Etsy and influencers 
  • steal all the sales from your competition and look good doing it
  • raise your prices because your shop looks professional 
  • increase your engagement on social media 
  • create a loyal following that drools over your products 
  • release a new product and have it sell out 

You are a creative maker who has perfected your craft and creates amazing products but you struggle to take product photos that truly reflect the quality and value of your products and this is losing you sales. 

Photography is complex and it can be difficult to understand what information is really relevant to your need as a maker. You've tried different cameras, light set-ups, and techniques but you haven’t made any real progress. You just want to know the exact information you need to take your own high-quality product photos without becoming a professional photographer so that you can attract more customers and make more sales for your handmade shop. 

That is exactly why I created 

Product Photography Essentials


The Product Photography Essentials Workshop will allow you to go from throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks to understanding the technical requirements and the exact steps you need to take your own high-quality product photos so that you can make more sales and grow your business.

Hi, I'm Kristina

Product Photography Coach for Makers 

With my experience as a top seller on Etsy and my 20 years of photography experience, I know the exact steps you need to take high-quality product photos that attract more customers, build more trust, and get you more sales for your handmade shop..

What's Included in Product Photography Essentials


  • 14 Days of course lessons so we tackle each of your product photography struggles one day at a time. 
    • Day 1: Why Customers are Scrolling Past Your Product
    • Day 2: Why Customers Aren't "Adding to Cart" 
    • Day 3: Do You Really Need Photos on a White Background
    • Day 4: Choosing the Right Props and Background
    • Day 5: How To Style Your Images
    • Day 6: How To Take Better Product Photos With Your Smartphone
    • Day 7: Do You Need Natural or Artificial Light 
    • Day 8: How To Create a Light Set-Up for Your Product Photos
    • Day 9: Common Light Issues and How to Solve Them
    • Day 10: How to Achieve a Pure White Background
    • Day 11: How To Choose the Right Editing Software
    • Day 12: The Edits You Should Be Making
    • Day 13: How To Make Your Images Look The Same on Multiple Devices
    • Day 14: How To Resize Your Images
  • Daily action steps so that you can implement what you are learning and start taking better product photos and attracting more customers right away. 
  • The Product Photography Essentials Studio, a private Facebook community for students only so that you have the support you need. I personally respond to every question. 
  • FREE access to my new Product Photography Course, The Makers Method when it releases in February ($697 value) 
  • FREE lifetime access to my monthly membership support group, The Makers Method Studio when it releases in February ($17 monthly value) 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! 


What makes Product Photography Essentials and working with me so amazing is together we will get you noticed, together we will get more people clicking through to your shop, and together will we get you more sales. 


Student Gallery 

See their results and hear what they have to say about working with me.

Lis Bokt 

"I have learned so much with Kristina. I started with the viewpoint of a photographer (albeit a nature photographer) and found myself with some fairly technical questions to get the most out of my product photography. She has been so helpful and willing to just jump right in and mimic my setup and products to find what works best. She sincerely cares about good results for everybody and puts the work in."

Merrilee Defoe

"Before taking Kristina Nicole’s course on photography, I was completely ruining the image of my products in the editing process trying to get the white background, So I stopped trying all together! I switched to a background that was easy and didn’t create a lot of shadows and the lighting really didn’t have that much of an effect on, after all I was the only one who knew what color it was supposed to be anyway. All of this changed when I took Kristina Nicole’s course! She taught me how to use artificial light to get clean crisp white backgrounds every time! No more waiting for the perfect conditions for photographing outside, I can take pictures anytime of day or night using artificial light and get that perfect white background with very little editing I might add! Her course has streamlined the photography process for my business so much so that I love photography now! With the knowledge and skills her course gave me I now have the confidence to take my own product photography and slay it! Thank you Kristina!"


Sylvia Katvala

"Kristina has helped me so much with her detailed and professional tips. She does it in a nice way, so you want to learn more and improve. I struggled with photography for years, and since watching her videos, things start to click and fall into place."









Carol Hoey & Charlotte Gerwin

"Kristina is the real deal! Not only does she provide top-notch education related to photography, but she is 100 percent behind each and every one of her students so we all succeed. Kristina is a genuine person and a successful businesswoman who ran a very profitable handmade business. She kindly shares her wisdom on a wealth of strategies related to running a handmade business. She is extremely generous in her time, always caring to her students, and she never seems to mind if your question deviates a bit from photography as she understands that to be successful in this competitive, online selling world, you need to be firing on all cylinders in all aspects of your business. With Kristina, you really feel like your goals matter to her, and she takes joy in seeing everyone flourish. She also understands the need to pace yourself and not burn out! I would not hesitate to buy and go all-in with any course, blog, group, etc. that Kristina is running. She is really one-of-a-kind!"

Anni Christie 

Kristina’s light set up and course is amazing. I went through the process of buying a little lightbox online and I could never get the lighting right. The “white” of my photos were always either blue or yellow still. When I finally found Kristina, I figured I would give her artificial lighting set up to see if it would work and it has changed my WORLD. I went from editing photos ten to twenty minutes each (and still not actually getting a white background) to snapping photos, editing in the one minute it took me to walk to my computer and uploading it. This process has saved me over and over again. When customers have a question and need to see a different angle or if a reporter needs a photo super fast for publication, I can take a perfect photo at any time of day in any weather and send it over immediately."






Kara Vogt

"Kristina is AMAZING. I have learned so much from her. Not only is she a great teacher, she is not afraid to tell you how it is in a nice, supportive and professional manner. She wants to see you learn, grow and succeed! Many times, she has gone out of her way to make sure that happens. I cannot recommend her enough."









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