Thriving on Etsy Series: Episode 03 Pricing for Profit on Etsy with Janet LeBlanc

Episode #5

Hello, Loves! Welcome to episode 3 of the Thriving on Etsy Series. Today I have Janet LeBlanc from Paper and Spark joining me to talk to you about pricing your products for profit. 

Janet is a CPA and a maker herself. She started crafting jewelry back in 2011 and noticed a lot of her fellow makers had questions about the financial side of running their shops. She decided to put her accounting background to work and founded Paper + Spark in 2014. Paper + Spark provides resources & educational content to help creatives feel more confident about their biz finances.

Janet is my go-to coach for all things money-related! In this episode, Janet reveals the challenges makers face when it comes to pricing their products and actually making a profit selling on Etsy. She shares the biggest mistakes she sees sellers making that cut into their profits and provides multiple ideas on how to actually increase your profit margin to thrive on Etsy. 

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