Thriving on Etsy Series: Episode 01 Starting on Etsy with Kaelyn Priest

Episode #3

Hello, Love!

Welcome to Episode 01 of the Thriving on Etsy Series. Today, I have Kaelynn Priest from the Etsy Seller Gold Mine joining me to talk to you about getting started on Etsy and why it is the best platform for makers to start on.

Kaelynn is the owner of Poppyseed Play, a modern wooden baby gym company that makes toys that are fun for babies and for parents to look at. In the process of growing her product business to multiple six figures in revenue, Kaelynn has recently discovered her true passion project, helping women step into their role as the CEO of their own businesses.

In today's episode, Kaelynn and I are talking about

  • Why Etsy is a great place to start and a great place to really hone in on your product and offer.
  • How to thrive on Etsy and grow your business while keeping the passion for the work you do.
  • Mom guilt and how to move past the fear of being a successful mom and business owner. 
  • Personal development and how you learn so much about yourself moving towards a growth mindset.

Follow Kaelynn over on Instagram @kaelynn.priest  or learn more about the programs she offers to help you thrive on Etsy at KP Creative Studios

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