Makers on the Rise Podcast


A collaborative podcast hosted by maker and photographer Kristina Nicole. Makers on the Rise is for product-based creatives who own their own business and want to learn how to grow a profitable, sustainable, and scalable brand aligned with their personal values and goals. Tune in for real conversations and coaching focused on elevating your personal brand. 

Makers on the Rise Podcast: Introduction

Welcome to Makers on the Rise, The Podcast. Meet your host, Kristina Nicole.

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Thriving on Etsy Series 

You may have heard recently that Etsy is over saturated and you can’t find success on Etsy especially as a new seller. The truth is when it comes to Etsy and its current 4.3 million sellers only a very small percentage of sellers "thrive."  In this 8 episode series, you will hear from top Etsy sellers and learn their biggest secrets to thriving on Etsy.