Makers on the Rise Podcast Introduction

Episode #1

Welcome to the Makers on the Rise Podcast. I am maker and photographer Kristina Nicole. I started my handmade business in 2015 creating wood decor and gifts. When I started I knew nothing about running a business online, but I quickly discovered I had a drive and a thirst for understanding and knowledge. I learned everything I could and quickly became a top seller on Etsy, but in 2018 I decided to let go of my successful handmade business to focus on educating makers. With my 20 years of photography experience, I wanted to simplify the product photography process for makers and teach them how to attract more customers and make more sales for their shop with better product photos. I witnessed so many makers struggling to take their own product photos in the handmade community and I just knew how successful they could be if they just had the right information, so that became my mission. 

However, I quickly learned that like me, most makers start their shops without an understanding of what it actually means to run an online business. Etsy makes it so easy for anyone to start selling online. But, I knew that if makers wanted to build a brand and a profitable business beyond Etsy then they needed the whole picture! While I consider myself an expert in photography and I have an obsession for marketing and sales, I am not an expert in all things business. I often say I know a little about a lot. And Since I can’t be an expert in every aspect of growing a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business, I created Makers on the Rise, a collaborative podcast to bring experts in all areas of business and personal growth to one place so that you can have the greatest opportunity for success, whatever that looks like to you. 

Have questions about taking your own product photos? Join me inside of my private community at to get your questions answered! It’s free, at  


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